Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Any of our pharmacists can supply anti-bacterial eye drops (chloramphenicol) for the treatment of bacterial conjuctivitis. 

Some of the common symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis

  • Eyes are red, swollen and inflamed
  • Eyes will often have a white to yellow sticky fluid and discharge
  • Vision is not typically affected, however discharge may cause blurring when present
  • Eyes feel gritty irritated and sore
  • It often begins in one eye but can quickly spread to affect both eyes

Common reasons a pharmacist may not be able to supply treatment for bacterial conjuctivitis *

  • Patient is under the age of 2
  • Patient uses contact lenses
  • Patients' eye is very painful
  • Patient has had recent eye surgery
  • Patient suffers from glaucoma


If a pharmacist is satisfied that you meet the criteria for the supply of anti-bacterial eye drops we can provide these for you in store without you having to see a doctor.


* This is not a complete list of criteria in which a pharmacist will need to refer a patient to there doctor.

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